LAL-Sohanra-National park


As nature is beauty and beauty is nature, similarly Lal Sohanra park is beauty and beauty is Lal Sohanra Park.  An extreme interesting place for the naturalists and a hub of many animals and birds including some rare pieces.

Lal Sohanra park is situated at 36 kilometers north-east of Bahawalpur. Take the Khairpur road from the Bahawalpur city and after 30 Kilometer turn right on the dirt track and here comes the gorgeous Lal Sohanra National Park. The park is occupied on the both sides of Desert Branch canal.

The most unique element of the park is its diversity, there is green land, desert, and water ways. All three is one; Out of total 127,480 acres, 20,974 acres are green land 101,726 acres are dry land based on deserts and 4,780 acres are wet land which includes ponds and lakes.

One of the most unique features of the Lal Sohanra National park is the lion Safari. Lion Safari is one of its unique kind and Lal Sohanra Park gives the visitors an opportunity to see these lions in their natural living style from very close ups. Another captivating feature of the park are the pairs of Rhinoceros which were denoted by Nepal. The Rhinos are one the species which are on the verge of extinctions and now they are only in some parts of Pakistan and India. The park helps them to breed in order to save them from extinction. More than 400 animals are bred in the Lal Sohanra park, among them is the large population of Blackbucks, a unique type of antelope and a hallmark of beauty. You can also find plenty of wild boar there.

There is also a rest house which can be booked or the other way around, camping would be the best idea. The Government of Pakistan has plans to convert it into the international standard park. Constant efforts are being put to maintain the natural beauty and wildlife of the park. If you are planning to have a stunning sip of nature in all its form, the visit to Lal Sohanra National park would be the best choice.


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