Who is responsible for Azad Kashmir drowning in massacres and killings?


Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) or commonly known as Azad Kashmir is situated in the west of the Indian-administered state, which is of Jammu and Kashmir. The territory is part of the region ‘Kashmir’ which is the cause of long-term conflict between India and Pakistan. Azad Kashmir has more than 40 million populations whereas it has an area of more than 13 thousand km (squares). When India was partitioned in 1947, the princely states had an independence to join Pakistan or India or remain independent as the British had left their control over them. During that time, the ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, Hari Singh, didn’t want his state to be in the side of Pakistan or India, whereas Muslims of Azad Kashmir had desired to join Pakistan.


What is happening in Kashmir?

In 1947, A rebellion in ‘Poonch,’ broken out against the ruler. It is an area in which West Punjab borders Rawalpindi. Maharaja’s administration wastold to startimposing punitive taxes on theKashmir’s peasantry which gave birth toa revolt and so the administrationstarted suppressing them brutally.Since then, human rights abuses in Kashmir are going on. There are mass killings, sexual abuse and rape, torture, fake encounters, enforced disappearances happening in Kashmir by the Indian Army, Border Security Personnel (BSF), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and various military groups of India. The laws are silent on the massacres of Kashmir. Some rights groups mention that more than 100,000 Kashmiri people died since 1989, and it keeps on going.


Massacres in Azad Jammu & Kashmir

In the 1990s, various massacres took place in Kashmir. One of which is ‘The Gawakadal massacre,’ which took place on 21 January 1990, where the paramilitary troops of India of Central Reserve Police Force killed a group of Kashmiri protestors which resulted in killing at least 50 people. ‘Zakoora and Tengpora massacre’ was when the Indian Army opened fire at the bus of Kashmiri protestors who were calling for the implementation of United Nations(UN) resolutions – the direct voting of all members of a specific electorate on some important public question in Kashmir on 1 March 1990. That resulted in killing 33 and injuring 47 innocent Kashmiri people. More than 2 million Kashmiri people are killed so far, but sadly there are no actions and no punishments for the killers.





Enforced disappearances

Kashmir people are getting disappeared by, of course, the Indian security forces. There have been thousands of Kashmir people involved in the enforced disappearance, but the security forces don’t say a word about them. This is because the security forces execute them in jail, torture them and sometimes mercilessly kill them. Human rights activists have disappeared estimation of over eight thousand Kashmiri people, but the government is silent. Even the ‘Amnesty International,’ a London-based non-governmental organization that focuses on human rights, has claimed on the Kashmir issues but the government of India has been so cruel that it just has forgotten the term called ‘humanity.’





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