Kashmir Issue: The Lost Opportunities

Kashmir is an 86 thousand square mile long and beautiful area in the east of the Pakistan and west of the India. Kashmir, officially known as the Jammu and Kashmir is a beautiful area with the majority population of Muslims. After the separation of India and Pakistan in 1947, a conflict was generated between the two countries regarding the Kashmir. The conflict that was generated at that time, despite of several sittings between the two countries, is still unsolved. Both the countries I.e. India and Pakistan had come closer to an agreement several times, but no proper solution is found till now.

Former Pakistani foreign minister, Khurshid Mehmood Qasoori had revealed in his recent book about the back channel negotiation between two countries that helped both the sides to reach an understanding on a draft formula back in 2007. Many people on the both sides still believe that the same kind of framework can still provide the basis for a peace process in Kashmir.

Lost opportunities:

It has been 70 years and the Kashmir conflict between Pakistan and India is still the same. In these 70 years, there were various sittings held between the two countries in which the officials of the both sides sat down to resolve this issue, but all the efforts till now are fruitless. Most of the people think that this issue can only be resolved with a proper dialogue. Recently, the Pakistani former Foreign Minister stated that there was a back channel dialogue between Pakistan and India and both the countries were agreed to sit for a dialogue, but unfortunately this couldn’t happen. Similarly, there were many occasions when Pakistan and India were close to an understanding on Kashmir, but this conflict is still unsolved. Also there were many back channel negotiations between the both sides in the past over the Kashmir Issue. Most of the times, both the countries were almost agreed on some collective agendas to solve the Kashmir issue, but some anti-muslim forces in India hadn’t let that happen. There were suggestions of making the Line of Control irrelevant allowing the Kashmiris to move freely on both sides. Over all, there were many opportunities for both sides to solve the Kashmir issue, but all of them were lost due to some political crises and Kashmir conflict is still unsolved.


Over all we can conclude that Kashmir conflict that was generated in 1947 after the separation of India and Pakistan, is still unsolved. Although, there were many opportunities in the past for both the countries to solve this issue, but all of them were lost and this issue is still unsolved. Most of the people on the both sides of Kashmir think that this issue can only be solved with a proper dialogue between India and Pakistan. We hope that both the sides will look into this matter to solve this issue soon.

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