Indian injustice in Kashmir – a failure of United Nations

Kashmir – a historical glance

Kashmir was the largest princely state of unpartitioned India, and 80% of its total population was of Muslims. Kashmir was, at that time, ruled by a Hindu king, Maharaja Hari Singh. When at the time of partition, every princely state was asked about whether they want to be annexed with Pakistan or India or they want autonomy, Maharaja Hari Singh, against the wishes of the majority of the population of the state, decided to be annexed with India. The Radcliffe award, presented on the 17th of August, gave many Muslim provinces of Punjab to India, allowing India to access Kashmir. A war broke off, and as a result, Kashmir was dividing into Azaad Jammu and Kashmir (in possession of Pakistan) and Maqbooza Jammu and Kashmir (Indian held).

Kashmir – paradise on Earth or a bone of contention

Kashmir holds an important strategical and geographical position. It is a mountainous terrain with beautiful valleys. Many rivers flowing in Pakistan and India are originated from Kashmir, getting hold of Kashmir indirectly means controlling the water of both the countries. At present, about 9 million people live in Indian held Kashmir, and it is the only province of India with a Muslim majority. In Pakistani Kashmir, the population is 3 million. Kashmir is one of the basic and the most primary reason for the strain between the two countries. There had been wars over Kashmir, and still, no decisive point has been reached. The United Nations has called for a ceasefire and has suggested a referendum of the Kashmiri public to know what they want for themselves, instead of deciding it for them.

Kashmiris – a nation eager to snatch their right to freedom and to live

The Kashmiris in the occupied area have always rebelled against the Indian atrocity and injustice. They fight the full-fledged military deployment of Indian army and are never at rest with their right of freedom being robbed. Pakistan has always supported Kashmir cause. India knows this well enough that Kashmiris do not want to be under India, that is why they are reluctant to perform the referendum which is an international decision. The United Nations has always stood deaf, dumb and blind over the barbarism of India with the Kashmiri Muslims, making the efforts and struggle of Kashmiris void.

India – a democracy which is not so democratic

What Indian army does in the occupied Kashmir is no secret to the world. Torture, rape, arrests, and killings are common. Indian soldiers use pellet guns against the innocent and unarmed population, especially targeting the eyes. They capture people from their houses and then take them to places unknown and administer worst torture. They rape Muslim women. The disgraceful in this is that the flagbearer of Human Rights, The United Nations has never intervened. What is shameful is that the so-called biggest democracy of the world is not willing to know what most Kashmiris want. Pakistan has always brought up the issue of Kashmir at every international forum, but unfortunately, no superpower is strong enough to stand up for the weak and oppressed.

 Need of time

It is high time that the United Nations and its human rights watch organizations take notice of the injustice being done in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir save the future generations of Kashmiris from barbarism and perform referendum. It is important to shape the future policies on the results of the poll. It is high time that the world steps in for Kashmir and stop India from the atrocity.

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