Brief Description Of Kashmir: Conflicts Between Pakistan And India

The history is the witness of Kashmir’s critical situations. It started from 1947. The time when the subcontinent was divided in two spate countries “Pakistan” and “India.” The Muslim of the subcontinent was now given freedom to live according to their won religion. But on the other hand, one piece of land Kashmir was left. Both countries were unable to decide that who is more on the right to have it within their range. Pakistan tried to have it because majority people were Muslim. Whereas, India sought to grab it as it was a milestone on earth. In other words, it is like a heaven on earth which shares the border with more than two countries. Almost, 650 states come under the range of Kashmir which runs by the Princes.
Continuous Increase Of The Worse Situation
Unfortunately, the ruler was a Hindu named as the Hari Singh. This was also one of the reasons which gave rise to the critical situation. They were not able to decide what to do. Hari Singh took help from the Indian military. Moreover, he also signed accession instrument which was about ceding Kashmir to India. It led the two countries to go to war. The first fight which was held between them was between 1947 to 1948. Indians then took the issue to the United Nations. As a result, Pakistan was asked to move back its forces and Indian army was also compelled to withdraw it bulk troops from the field. There were thousands of Kashmir’s killed.
India was confident that they would definitely win the case from the panel of United Nations because the mass leader of Kashmir was firmly on their side. Pakistan did not care about the United Nations mandate. They kept on fighting for the right of Muslims. A fight was held in 1965, but still, the issue remained on its peak.
There is one strategic importance of Kashmir which is because of the borders it shares with China, Afghanistan, and Russia as well. Almost every river which floats in Pakistan has mainly originated from the beautiful piece of land Kashmir. This is also one of the reason because of which both the countries are not ready to step back. This unsolved deadly dispute attracted the attention of many other nations. In 1948 the united nation became genuinely interested in solving it. But the Indians didn’t show any flexibility in it. The people in other countered feel pity for the Kashmiris who are getting killed every day. They cannot spend life independently in their home country. What Kind of Justice is it?
The Growing nuclear danger in the subcontinent is a threat for this conflict. Yes, this is true enough. The case of Kashmir is raising the threat of nuclear war in the between Pakistan and India. It will not be an easy step for nuclear, but there are so many chances of its occurrence as well.
The conflicts related to Kashmir between the two countries will not only lead to a disaster in Pakistan and India. Along with it, it is going destroy all the possibilities of bringing the flower of peace in the Afghanistan. If any resolution is passed, there will be a direct impact on the stability and conditions of Afghanistan. It has been realized by some experts that the key to creating peace is in the Kashmir. Well, this is might not in knowledge of people before, but yes it is truth. In short, it is not only the people of Kashmir targeted but also the Afghanistan is residents are facing severe issues.
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