After the partition of British India or the Indian subcontinent, the Kashmir issue has been the main reason of conflict between Pakistan and India. Until now three wars have been fought for the same reason, but the matter remains unresolved. After the UN stepped in to terminate war circumstances between the two countries, Kashmir was allowed to choose between Pakistan and India. Kashmir chose Pakistan, but India fails to admit the bitter truth. The state of Kashmir should have eventually given to Pakistan keeping in mind the Muslim majority there, but India did not let this happen and claim it, Kashmir, to be theirs.

In the past, a lot of Pakistani politicians have stepped in with the intention of resolving Kashmir issue, but India has been insistent to not handout Kashmiris their rights. In Pakistan, the opposition, as well as the government, agree to the point that despite their other differences in the political line, they should stand united for the Kashmir issue.

MQM leader Farooq Sattar expressed his point of view saying “We just want to send a message to the outside world that our unity is indomitable.”

Opposition party PTI’s leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi also surrenders in standing united as a nation for Kashmir issue. Former prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shareef also quoted that Kashmiris and Pakistanis are indivisible.

After the first war in 1947-48, the UN decided to held a free and fair poll to let Kashmiri people decide their future but because Kashmir’s most dominant and powerful mass leader Sheik Abdullah was on India’s side, the people of Kashmir were once again left at the mercy of Indian troops in the name of freedom and rights. Pakistan gave no mind at UN’s command and continued fighting, holding onto the portion of Kashmir under its control.

After Pakistan asked the United States to step in to resolve Kashmir dispute, a US-based Pakistan’s ambassador said that solution of Kashmir is important for lasting peace in the region and exchange of sensible dialogues is needed to settle the main issue between the two countries. For Pakistan, the Kashmir issue is not just a provincial problem rather it’s an issue which has Pakistan’s sentiments related to it as it is inhumane to snatch a whole nation’s rights to live freely and according to their will.

Kashmir is a case of unfinished and incomplete partition, where it was very easy to decide which country would it like to belong, Pakistan or India, by just giving them their very own authority in their very own issue but instead it is made a matter of ego and self-admiration by India because of which to date, Kashmir’s are bearing the consequences of being in the middle of the subcontinent which was never their choice. Pakistan has been wholeheartedly fighting for the freedom of Kashmir and has no plans of giving up in the same cause. Despite Indian preventions, the Kashmiri are still fighting for their equal rights which they would have availed being a part of Pakistan.

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