The Father Of Mobiles Is Back: Nokia Launched 3310

Nokia 3310 is one of the very famous phone which was released in 2010 sep 1. It was actually a replacement of 3210. The sale of this handset was well and it was considered as one of the most successful phone. Almost, 126 million of these handsets were sold all over the world. The rate of sale shows how much people loved it. Still, in 2017 the phone is in demand. The company took this as an opportunity to earn profits. It launched the Nokia 3310 again to give all the lovers have fun from the phone once again. The launch of this handset has created a hassle in the market. People are moving toward this long lasting phone once again.

Features Of The Old But Updated Phone

The company has worked a lot on it. They have released the set with similar look but different and updated functions. Yes, it still have the same display which was 84×84 but with color screen. It have the capabilities to use the internet They speed is slow as compared to the 3G users but useful for the people who want to have 3310 in their hands except then those big screens. The phone also have a camera with two megapixels. Yes, old is gold. This is the only reason which will now make a number people to get back to this phone. This phone will be sold by the finish company HMD global.


The company has a believe that the 3310 is offering its users to have a perfect compromise towards the modern life. The chief executive of the company gave an interview to the BBC and said that it is same like the holiday phone or a digital detox, if you want to switch off all the extent but still need a phone in your pocket then this is a best solution for it.

Decision taken by the Nokia which was about the launching of windows handset took them off the market. It turned their market down as there was a stiff competition of the companies with others who have iOS and the androids. However, The company is now hoping to get a profitable market of 3310 which will be selling all over the world at the price of 49 euros each. At the same time, the company has also released three other handsets. It includes the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.

In December, the Nokia 6 has been launched firstly in China. It was sold out in that country in just 23 seconds. Well, this is what the company was expecting. The rate of satisfaction found by the users was 97per cent. This phone is really a satisfying one for the simple and cheap phone users. It have 5.5 inches panel with a smart amplifier. One glossy black version has also been released by it. Whereas, the Nokia 5 is a bit smaller in size as compared to it with the 4.2 inches screen. On the other hand, Nokia 3 is introduced with 5 inch display. Let’s see what will be the result of 3310 when people will use it. Hope to get a positive response with this reliable Nokia technology.


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