The Ultimate Helicopter Which Flies Without Rotors

The world is moving really fast. Technology has taken over the lives of people. The researchers are working so hard to invent new things. A video was shared on the Youtube. It showed a helicopter hovering , kept on climbing higher and more higher. The astonishing in them was that the blades of the helicopter were still. Yes, they were completely still. This made the video go viral on the social media. But it was not a reality. It was only a trick done by the camera. A phenomenon was used in it. In this, it boils to the shutter of camera speed and with the frame rate. This is can easily change the appearance of the objects which are spinning in the video when they are synchronized.
Is It Real?
This outstanding viral video was published on Youtube by Chris Chris who is a user of youtube off course. He wrote along with the video that the helicopter was hovering around without any spinning of blades. In the particular footage, the helicopter’s blades seems to move a little at some of the points. They were like shifting slightly but were not as much a helicopter needs for taking off. If the video is observed closely then the fly is actually a forwards one. The trick which is pointed out by Chris Chris. What actually happen was that the trick is of a camera which is to blame for the behavior of aircraft that was bizarre. The speed of the shutter addressed the of amount of time taken by the camera to gather the light every time when it took picture.
As faster as the speed of shutter created patterns, the blades seen to look quite real. This was an good trick used by the particular person but they cannot trick the minds of experts. They can capture or point the real factor behind it within no time. It was totally the use of the technology and mind which might have astonished minds of many people who watched this video.
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