The Kashmir Issue

Since the partition of subcontinent took place, one intractable dispute between Pakistan and India came into being which is known as the Issue of Kashmir. Yes, the Kashmir issue which led to many wars between these two countries. Three wars help in 1948, 1965 and 1999. But still the problem is not solved it is still on the peak. This partition of subcontinent left almost 550 states undecided. Both of the parties were not able to decide that with which country it should get combined. There were two options one was that to leave that area to leave without getting joined into any of them according to the wish. The second was to make Kashmir part of any of the countries.
As the world knows that the majority of a population of Kashmir is Muslim so it would have joined with Pakistan. But it did not happen because of the Maharaja Hari Singh from India. He resisted the Pakistani attacks. In the mean, while the Indian army intervened the Jammu and Kashmir. This was the day from where the core problem between the two countries was found to be Kashmir conflicts. In other words, it can be said that the issue of Kashmir is the backbone of the contention from the day of partition which further resulted in three wars.
There is one strategic importance of Kashmir which is because of the borders it shares with China, Afghanistan, and Russia as well. Almost every river which floats in Pakistan has mainly originated from the beautiful piece of land Kashmir. This is also one of the reason because of which both the countries are not ready to step back. This unsolved deadly dispute attracted the attention of many other nations. In 1948 the united nation became genuinely interested in solving it. But the Indians didn’t show any flexibility in it. The people in other countered feel pity for the Kashmiris who are getting killed every day. They cannot spend life independently in their home country. What Kind of Justice is it?
It is a very well known fact which has also been analyzed by many experts. The proper relation between the two countries will do benefit to the America. The dispute is sensitive enough as both of them are the nuclear power. If both of them get friendly, then there are some problems which will be solved. Now it is getting more necessary for the international community to work on this issue and to bring peace in South Asia. It is a challenge for everyone because it has not been resolved even after so many years. How is it going to resolve now? The best solution to this problem is to give Kashmiris the right. Let them decide how they want to live. If they want to live without getting accedes to any of the countries, then let them live. Humanity is a major factor which is not being observed in this matter at all.

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