“Superbattery” By 94 year old Who Came Up With Original Lithium-Ion

The age does not matter at all. Some people are even working at the age of 90s. Yes, this is true. One more shocking news has been found on the front screen which has revealed a new technology. This is a Superbattery which has been invented by a 94-year-old person. This is a new type of battery which is durable. The battery works more than a normal one. Moreover, it was developed by a team of engineers, and the leading personality of this new thing was a 94 years old person. The electric cars can now cover more distances as compared to the existing batteries. Do not worry about it charging. It will take only a few minutes to get loaded.

This battery is not only for the chargeable cars but mobiles and all other stationary energy storing devices. The research work was done along with DR  Maria Helena Braga. She is a senior researcher.  One of the main advantages of it is that battery is less costly, noncombustible and all in a stable state.  The life of the battery is high enough. It charges and discharges with enough speed. What is better than having a car always fully charged? You do not need to wait for long. It was said by one of the people from the team that they believe many of the problems will be resolved which are faced by some people in today’s battery.

It was claimed by the researcher that this battery is going to have the energy three times more than a regular cell has in it. You are going to have a longer battery density. The higher cell density means you will be able to drive for a longer distance. This new technology will be able to allow the user more ability for the charge and discharging cycles. This in return will lead towards the long lasting batteries and fast charging ability.  Currently, the batteries contain lithium ion which has two electrodes. One of them is made up of lithium which is the cathode, and another one is carbon which is the anode.

The function and material used in the new battery are different from the older one. It has electrolytes of glass. These electrolytes cause metals to pass and form through the liquid form of electrolytes. The particular battery also can work even at the temperature of -20 degree. One more advantage of this battery is that it is made from the materials which are entirely earth-friendly. They are not going to leave any impact on the environment. This was a massive and costly research which the team has performed. It is hoped that ordinary people will be given this battery to use in their cars. It is going to make the lives of people easier than never before. For further details please click on the link :http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4280038/superbattery-charge-faster-never-explodes.html

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