Reminding The History Of Kashmir Conflicts

Reminding of Kashmir conflict is important. It not only going call backs the history but will let the new generation know that what was happened with them. The dispute of Kashmir started on 1947 when the partition of subcontinent took place. There was a border created between the people of two different religions. This gave birth to the two countries India and Pakistan. However, the problem of 650 states remained which were ruled by princes. People wanted to get freedom from the British rule. Along with this issue, some individuals were living in Kashmir. It would be better to say Muslims living in Kashmir. There were two options for Kashmir. One was getting joined with India and other was to become part of Pakistan.
The reason behind it was only the location. Kashmir is at such location at which they had chosen one. One of the problems at that time was that the ruler of the Kashmir was a Hindu name as Maharaja Hari Singh. On the other hand, the majority of the population was Muslim. They were not able to decide which nation should be chosen by Kashmir that is why the ruler decided to remain neutral. The problem base started from this point when their hope of remaining independent was given a gaping hole on 1947 and still a question mark. The Hari Singh asked the government of India for the assistance regarding a military. This led to a war between the Pakistan and India which was fought 1947 to 1948.
Furthermore, India also filed a dispute to the United Nations. After which a resolution was passed due to which UN said to Pakistan army for removing the troops. Pakistan did not care about the decision taken by the UN and kept on fighting. This led to another war. The Kashmir people were murdered and still getting killed by the Indian troops. The ceasefire was only temporary, but still, the line of control remained between the two countries. There were so many domestic problems in both countries. This kept the case of Kashmir as a back burner. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was hanged in 1977 which reverted the military leadership to the Gen Zia Ul Haq. The situations favored Pakistan, and the sympathy of them was no longer in India’s favor.
This is not it. The history of Kashmir needs hundreds and thousands of pages to be explained in details. This was only the political side of the Kashmir history. If it is about the ordinary people and the situations they face then words will not be enough to express. No language will be able to express the pain of the people who lost their family members in front of their eyes. There were some assassinations and murders. Still, people are facing them and do not know how long it will continue. Do not know how long the blood of innocents will be on the roads of Kashmir.

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