The latest Samsung Galaxy S5; what is behind all the hype.


The Samsung galaxy s3 is now an old news. There is no doubt about the greatness of the phone but now all attention is being paid to the Samsung galaxy s5.

One thing was for sure that the Samsung would not deviate from the Galaxy S name for its upcoming giant the Samsung galaxy S5.

Samsung galaxy in year 2014 is one the most awaited smart phone, but is it the best phone of the year. Let’s have a look at the features of Samsung galaxy s5.

In a short answer, after one day, it would be in the hands of some of the customers who have pre ordered it. The Galaxy would not be very cost effective as there is not point for hoping this. The set would be sold at $650 in the US and £599 in the UK.  As the phone so pumped with some high end tech so the price is justifiable.

As far as the design is concerned you cannot call the new set as ugly one but the Samsung is repeating the same story, getting some features from the old phone, adding some bits of new tech and making it more like a note, that’s it.  The metal surrounding is the thing which is borrowed from the note 3 but the back is all new and lovely. Overall feel is solid and size is a fraction of inch bigger than Samsung galaxy S4. Moreover it comes as a standard waterproof, that’s a great news.

Processor of the set is not set up to the 64 bit one as we have expected it, but 2.5 GHZ quad core processor.  Screen of the Samsung Galaxy just got bigger by the fraction of an inch. From 5 inches to 5.1, and for some good reasons, it did more harm than good. As everyone was expecting to get 2k screen in upcoming Samsung Galaxy but it did not, all we have is the old super AMOLED and now when the screen is bigger the pixel density went down from 441 to 432 ppi.

And we cannot expect the Samsung to switch its OS, so it would be coming in Android KitKat but with certain Samsung modifications. The biggest change they brought is to the notification panel with so many additions and deletions.

As we expected the camera would be upgraded and so it did from 12MP to 16MP rear camera and secondary camera of 2MP.  The biggest improvement in the camera technology that we are seeing is the selective focus and Samsung has also powered their camera with selective focus technology.  Can we compare the Samsung 16MP camera with Lumia 1020’s camera which is 41MP? So, if you are looking for a big camera phone, Samsung stills lacks it. But lot of folks do not even use the cameras from their cell phones.

Now something which Samsung introduced from the iPhone is the fingerprint scanner. You can use it to unlock your phone after you waked it up. Well the scanner is not of the quality as the Apple TouchID is but I am sure it is miles better then HTC one max.

As far as the battery is concerned, everyone expects the see the improvements in each newcomers that what are the power upgrades. The first leak exposed that the set would be powered by 3000mAh battery but later we found out that it is actually 2800mAh, but still a decent one. It can power your phone for more than 390 hours.

At last, I am very much thankful Samsung that they have rolled back their typical apps and widgets which are of no use and they just take extra space. Sadly there was also no option to uninstall them. But this time Samsung got bit matured and they have not included much of useless stuff.

Covering the whole Samsung galaxy S5 in a single post in just not enough and sufficient. I missed some the of the things like the gear smart watch and gear Fitness Band.  But you can check out some of other posts to read about them.

So are you planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 or you would wait for the Apple to lift the curtains ?

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