The Kashmir: Name Of Peace or Disaster?

It has been almost a half century of the conflicts between the Pakistan and India. Yes, there are so many issues seen between the countries for which more than 140 rounds of the discussion done until now. Still, the problem is same in its place. The main issue is “Kashmir.” This is the reason which has made peace in these two countries an illusion. The discussion on their issues has always proven to be barren because no parameters have to be defined regarding their talks. However, the world knows that the backbone of the whole circumstances is the conflict over Kashmir. Both of the countries are nuclear powered, and people are being killed on both of the sides. Hundreds of people die every year.
Danger Of Nuclear Power Use
Kashmir is the only nation in the whole world which have three countries on their borders who are nuclear powered. Still, the Kashmir will remain the flash point of nuclear power. The potential of the nuclear power which was and still between the two countries is there, but suspension of the discussion it has become real now. An article was written in the Foreign Affairs which entitled the rising tensions in the Kashmir: A growing nuclear danger in the subcontinent. Yes, this is true enough. The case of Kashmir is raising the threat of nuclear war in the between Pakistan and India. It will not be an easy step for nuclear, but there are so many chances of its occurrence as well.
The conflicts related to Kashmir between the two countries will not only lead to a disaster in Pakistan and India. Along with it, it is going destroy all the possibilities of bringing the flower of peace in the Afghanistan. If any resolution is passed, there will be a direct impact on the stability and conditions of Afghanistan. It has been realized by some experts that the key to creating peace is in the Kashmir. Well, this is might not in knowledge of people before, but yes it is truth. In short, it is not only the people of Kashmir targeted but also the Afghanistan is residents are facing severe issues.
One thing needs to be understood by the world powers that it is their responsibilities to make it sure both of the countries must realize the main problem. If they do not resolve the issue, they will keep on increasing the crisis of Nuclear on the international level. Need for real and practically applicable strategy is required to be implemented. No sign or solution of this conflict is being predicted in coming years. If the world power would get involved it in, they might come to a point on which both of the countries get ready and resolve the issue without any war and killings.

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