Imran Anwar : An Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

How many times do you hear from people around you to become the KING of one trade and try not to put your hands in multiple things at a time as you would find yourself ending up only the JACK of them all.

Although this is a valid statement for more than 99% of the people but there are a few ones who have shown their mettle in almost everything they touched, Putting even the word Extraordinary to Shame.

Mr. Imran Anwar the first ever Pakistani Citizen to have founded the .pk email domain and introduced branded credit cards to Pakistan.

Imran Anwar

Early Life of Imran Anwar

Imran Anwar was born on 23rd May 1962 in Sahiwal, Pakistan and is a Pakistani-American Technologist, An Electrical Engineer and a Successful Business Entrepreneur.

He grew up in Karachi. He completed his O’ Levels from St. Paul’s English High School in 1976. He completed his Cambridge University Higher School Certificate in 1978 from Aitchison College.

He got many awards during his entire career in which some are:

  • Electrical Engineer Award from UET.
  • MBA from Columbia University.

Political Career

Mr. Imran Anwar had different political engagements during his career. He used to be an active member in the student organization in UET Lahore also served the Quaid-e-Azam Student Federation as a Chief Organizer. In 1982, he got arrested by six members of Para Military of Zia-ul-Haq during a student protest at UET. Anwar along with other students has to face the brutalism of the Police.

Mr. Imran Anwar also met with many great Leaders of the world which includes:

  • Toshiki Kaifu (Japanese PM).
  • Willy Brandt ( German Chancellor).
  • Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto ( Pakistani PM).
  • Muammar Gadaffi (Libyan Colonel).
  • General Zia-ul-Haq.
  • Muhammad Khan Jonejo.
  • Benazir Bhutto.
  • Nawaz Sharif.
  • Parvez Musharaf.

And many others famous and renowned personalities of the World.

Anwar has also been a critic of military dictatorship and also appeared on Radio and Television and also been an outspoken critic of Pakistan PM and former General Pervez Musharaf. Anwar also appeared in various radio interviews in NEWYORK and always urged the Pakistani people to rise against the Emergency rule and Martial law in Pakistan.

He has also expressed his support to the Pakistani Cricketer Imran Khan.

Professional Career

Mr. Imran served Jang Group of News Paper in Karachi and in Lahore as a Business Manager. He also served the MAG group as a General Manager and Correspondent. MAG is one of the biggest English Publications.

He also founded a small technology and consulting business in Pakistan before he left to United States I980 with the Acronym IMRAN (Information & Media Resources, Affiliations, Networks).

In 1990, Imran Anwar with his colleague Ashar Nisar established the .Pk domain (ccTLD).

Mr. Imran Anwar created the first ( aKa Imran-Net) which appeared as the first ISP in the Entire PAKISTAN. He has also been credited as being “ The Father Of Internet Email System” in Pakistan. Moreover, he has also been credited for introducing global and Branded credit cards in Pakistan.

Mr. Imran also worked with the VIANT and with COMPUTER ASSOCIATES company in United States for several years.

As he helped companies in the development of GPS, Wireless and RFID  he was appointed as the CEO of the EverTrac company.

He currently serves the Brookhaven Memorial Hospital. Previously he also served the Editorial Advisory Board of VARBusiness Magazine Of the CPM media. He also served as CIO at a non-profit child welfare association in Florida.

Anwar is currently the head of Incorporated Technologies Corporation based in Lahore, Pakistan and in NEWYORK- USA, which develops the web2.0 technology based solutions in the online content monetization, Social Networking and mobile eBusiness.

Few people know world’s first anti-virus was written and marketed by Imran Anwar and Ashar Nisar.First Pakistani software product sold abroad or mentioned in media including BYTE.

Media Life of Mr. Imran Anwar

Mr. Imran Anwar has been a significant contributor in big Media Platforms which include:

  • CNN.
  • GEO TV.

And Many Others.

He also writes a  blog on his website which is published in various NEWSPAPER often. Mr. Anwars business includes the syndication of some of the leading companies like UNITED MEDIA EDITOR PRESS SERVICE and many other  in SOUTH and EASTERN countries. He has also hosted a number of Talk Shows on various TV Channels including GEO TV. The US Presidential Elections 2008 is worth mentioning here.
He has also appeared on radio channels in  NEW YORK, CALIFORNIA and IOWA.

Mr. Imran Anwars articles have been listed in:

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Far Eastern Economic View
  • Mag Weekly
  • News International
  • The Pakistan Times
  • The Post
  • Daily Jang.

His work appears in various technology, business and the general public interest which includes:

  • The Industry Standards.
  • Mag Weekly.
  • The News International and
  • Pakistan Spectator.

Some of the publications like Newsday, Beijing Review, The Pakistan Times, Dosheeza Digest, Daily Jang, The Post and The Nation interviewed Mr.Anwar. Mr. Anwars comment also appears in Computer World, technology and other business publications.

Watch his Interview with Mubashir Lucman Below:

Mr. Anwar is also a Chartered member at Forbes a leading firm.

Mr. Anwar is also the founder and CEO of Neternity a new insurance service which ensures digital content creators. He’s President and CEO at EverTrac which is helping people to locate their mobile assets. He’s Also President and CEO at IAAI Aerospace and Aviation Technologies. He’s also the founder of UMmedia and also a former editor of Pakistan News Service founded in 1989.

“Change The World, Bit By Bit, Byte By Byte”™
– Imran Anwar

More about Imran Anwar can be found in the below links:

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  1. Imran Anwar says:

    You are too kind. Thank you so much for your featuring me like this. I was just blessed to have had the opportunity to serve Pakistan and its people in whatever small ways I could, working with many smart and wonderful people like my colleague Ashar Nisar and Dr. Usman Anwar who ran IMRAN-Net in Lahore. I have high hopes for the new generation of Pakistan to focus not just on problems but on solutions. And solutions that are viable, not pie in the sky. It is an honor to be considered so kindly by you.

    Thank you.


  2. Inspiration for many specially for the youngsters,

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