Some Great Tips To Make People Read Your Blog


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After a 6 years of successful blogging I am finally writing about what I have been doing.  I have been visiting so many blogs and despite having so many unique things about them, they are at some level doing mess with their blog. Once I read a tech blog and I found very interesting post, I tried to contact the blog owner, but to my surprise I did not find anyway to contact him, except leaving a public comment. This looks very silly and irritated me.  So here I have come up come with some of the essentials for writing a blog which is really a blog.


If you have a blog then you must have a content on it. Without it your blog would not be a blog. Moreover the content should be original, thought provoking, engaging with the touch of humor. Keep in mind your target audience and write accordingly.  If your audience are teenagers the your content would be different if you are targeting housewives.

Social Media Links:


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Do use the social media networks and if you are already using make sure that you are showing social media button your site. You would attracts a sufficient number of readers.

Contact Page:

You can provide any source to contact you but you should provide so that if anyone has to give feedback or someone has a nice offer for you or some may be thanking you must have a mean to contact you.



Why would a blogger don’t allow people to write comments on his posts ? This is the most haunting question, I have ever came across. If you are feeling that you would get obnoxious comments or spam, then you must have an eye on them and remove the user. But if you are not allowing your users to post comments, you are alienating them.

Do not Focus on SEO so much:

If you are focusing on SEO very much then it is for sure that you are compromising with other subjects like genuine content. I have always given this advice to everyone, do not bother about SEO, if you have a great content you would surely get a traffic. This doesn’t mean that SEO should be left a side totally.

These are some of my points I think should be kept in mind while making a blog and if you already have a blog then you must incorporate them in your blog to optimize your results.

What  is the best thing which every blog should have ? Go on and let us know.


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