The Genocide Of Muslims In Jammu

The genocide of Muslims in Jammu is one of the least known in the history of a modern era. Yes, this is true. This incident might not be known by some people. The reason behind it was that it was carried out in such kind of precision which led no traces to find what happened. Only the survivors of that time have kept in it in their minds. There would be many survivals Muslims who faced the tales of horror. They might have told all the bad memories to their next generation. It was estimated that Muslims which were almost 500,000 with the precision of military were killed badly. The particular operation was of the worse kind if it needs to be expressed than words would not be enough to express. It would not be possible to describe what happened with the human kind over there.
Though the killing in Jammu started just around the mid of July 1947. This was the time when the operation got a fillip. It happened just after the time when Maharaja Hari Singh and his wife reached the place. There was a properly organized carnage for the killing Muslims. They were killed on the spot wherever they were found. This was the worst time which was faced by the Muslims because of terror and on the spot killing. It was stated in the British daily news that the Maharaja used his power and under his supervision, almost 237000 Muslims were assassinated. He used his military forces to take such a cruel step in the area of Jammu. It was written in a book by the editor of Statesman that until the autumn season got ended, there were 200,000 Muslims were murdered.
The rule of Hindu Dogr’s main aim was to remove the Muslim’s existence on the demographic sector by killing them. This step taken by the heartless ruler made 123 villages in Jammu to get depopulated. During all these terrifying steps, The administration of the state not only demolished some Muslims but also sent solders which were Muslims back to their home. The military army in Jammu was totally disarmed at that time. Along with it, the cantonment Brigadier who was also a Muslim was replaced by the Hindu Dogra Officer. Now, everything was in the hands of Beasts of RSS.
One more incident needs to be mentioned which is also very important to be in knowledge of the ordinary people. It was the time when the Hindu refugees which were from the Muzaffarabad side and other surrounding areas were desired to sent to the areas of Jammu or the Punjab. The local Muslims of the areas like the Tonga wallas were motivated to give the facility of transportation for the heavy loads. There were almost 99 of them which were massacred. This is not it; there were some more things which are hidden in the memories of the survivals. A voice must be raised to let the people know about each and everything that were the inhumanity thing done toward the Muslims.

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