Amazon Is Going To Announce Plans Of Shipping Packages To Moon In 2020

It has been more than four decades when the first man stepped on the surface of the moon. The experts of the space are working hard for delivering the equipment of lunar. They are doing it to make the permanent home on the planet. The boss of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. He said that he want to start up the delivery of equipment to the surface of the moon which will help in settlement of human over there. The estimate which is calculated for the delivering of equipment might cost 10000 pounds. Most of the possibilities are there that it will be done in the year 2020. This is a step toward advancement which is going to payback in future to the human kind. Shipping packages to the moon is going to be a revolutionary step.

The owner of Amazon owns a private company which is related to space called as the Blue Origin. Bezos is hoping that it is going to provide the Amazon prime’s Lunar equivalents. This is going to deliver all the equipment which would be required by the early people who will settle at the moon. A prime spot is used by Bezos for his parking spot. It is near the Shackleton crater.  This spot is considered as the prime spot because the sunlight constantly reaches. Along with it, there are many chances of getting a source of hydrogen for the rocket. In future, actually in the present days the sunlight spots on the moon are becoming are very expensive/valuable.

NASA said that the point Shackleton Crater can be turned into an ideal piece of oasis. It could have warm sunlight which will be surrounded by a cold darkness. It is a belief of many experts that the parking of equipment and other things could be a sign of owning the piece of the particular land. Bezos said in the white paper that it is predicted that the cargo service might create easiness in settlement of human on the moon. According to the Washington post, Bezos said that this is the right time for America to return towards the Moon.

If the Bezos plan would be left, it will indirectly mean of leaving all the resources and chances of a settlement of human on the moon. Furthermore, it was said by him all the dreams will only become true if a partnership is be placed with Nasa. Bezos with the help of the great Nasa, he wants to develop incentives in the sectors which are private for the demonstration of a commercial lunar cargo service of delivery. This is a hot cake for all the billionaires sitting on the other side. They should start thinking to work in this field as well. There would be a lot of people who will be demanding for such sun lightened spots on the moon but might not get a chance to own it. For further details, please click on the link given:

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