5 Steps To Clean The Contact Lenses


Contact lens can certainly be termed as one of the greatest developments of this century. Contact lenses offer wearers a clear crystal and crispy vision as compared to eye glasses.

There are many benefits associated with this product that eye glass wearers can’t feel until they divert their attention towards it. However, contact lenses wearers start to face difficulties and other discomforts when they don’t maintain lenses properly. In fact, many wearers don’t know how to maintain and secure the lenses properly. Many people don’t have handy knowledge about this product and that is why they become the victim of irritation and eye infection. A contact lens wearer must need to know the cleaning and maintaining process of contact lenses so that he / she can avoid putting vision at risk.

It has been seen in many cases that people wearing contact lenses for longer spans become the victim of eye infection. In fact, in some cases people can lose their vision partially or can even get blind if contact lens is over worn against the doctor’s recommendation. In order to secure your vision and contact lenses, following are five basic steps that you need to perform efficiently to clean the contact lenses from dust, pollution and bacteria.

  1. The first and foremost act is to wash the hands properly. In fact, wash your hands every time before applying or removing contact lenses. Many people neglect washing their hands that ultimately drives the bacteria to get into the eyes from hands. While washing hands, make sure that you don’t use any moisturizing soap. Moisture once entered in lenses can’t be taken out and you then have to purchase another pair.
  2. Gently remove your contact lenses one by one from both the eyes and place them at a clean place as recommended by the eye care specialist. Try to clean the lenses as suggested by the qualified eye care specialist or recommended at the solution bottle. This will make help to withdraw all the deposits of dust, pollution and bacteria form the lenses. Depending upon the solution, you might need to rub the lens or simply rinse them.
  3. Don’t go harsh on your contact lenses during the cleaning process. Gently pick a lens and start rinsing it as per the instructions. Don’t wash the lenses with too cold or extremely hot water. Simply do it with the tap water.
  4. Make sure that the lens container is also cleaned and free from germs. In many cases, it has been seen that lenses are cleaned properly but people don’t wash lens container. So, it is highly recommended to wash the container as well. You can put the container under hot water. This will help to remove microorganisms.
  5. Repeat all the steps again for the other piece. Make sure that you do it with humbleness and in leisure time. Don’t be in hurry while cleaning the lenses.

For better cleaning and maintenance, you can consult with a qualified eye care specialist for more information.

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